Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Universe

The Universe in all (not really) it's glory
           The other day, I was thinking, something that does not happen too often. So, naturally, it hurt a little bit.
How big is the Universe?
          I know scientists say that the universe is never ending, that it's constantly expanding. If this is true, then that means that one of two things is happening.
  1. Energy and matter are continuously being created.
    If this is true, then something (or someone) HAS to be creating all this matter. I suppose this is where the line ends with Deist. That's the beauty of religion, it answers all of your questions not by not answering any of your questions.
     2. Or the existing matter and energy are being stretched out to fill an infinite amount of space.
         Well, as I'm sure you can imagine, that's some bad news for us.

The scientific hypothesis (what ever that means) is....
         Well, The Big Bang created all the energy in the universe at once. I won't get into what the Big Bang is, partially because I'm not exactly sure how to explain it, but that would mean that the second option is the truth. 
         Energy and matter are constantly being stretched out among an infinite amount of space. For the sake of this discussion, say the amount of Energy in the Universe is 10,000. 
        Say you take the amount of energy (10,000) and divide it among the amount of space (infinite). An infinity is just a number that goes on forever, gradually getting bigger. Well, if you take that infinite and place larger and larger numbers, so large that we run out of names, well, the outcome gets smaller and smaller, doesn't it? This means.
We're gonna die.


    1. The universe is complex indeed, it would prolly take million of years for us (the human race) to find only 20% of all it's secrets.

    2. The universe is never ending. Well guess so :P

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    3. I would trade everything I have for that knowledge.

    4. cool blog im following!

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    6. Pretty good argument to turn atheists into Theists.

    7. A nice way to see!

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      and I will return the favor ;)

    8. Haha, I consider myself a Theist, but I like to think outside the box, unlike some religious freaks.
      Give Theists a bad name....