Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Day in the Life of Meth

Is anyone else noticed an increased amount of meth being circulated on the streets?
The other day actually, I was trying to buy a cup of coffee and, well, i was asked to pay in meth.
Thanks to the American legal system, i didn't actually have to, but I was stilled shocked nonetheless.
But, on to serious matters, what's up with this crazy 2012 thing? Huh? Anyone?


  1. thats the west coast for ya, I wouldn't buy that 2012 stuff either no ones been right so far I doubt the mayans are.

  2. I'm holding a party that day actually. Still trying to figure out the exact wording of the theme..."We are all the Boy/Girl That Lived"? "Let's Watch It Burn"? something like that

  3. Meth is a threat isnt it!!? :P Fortunately, here they dont sell any..